For Most people, locating the best home for them is their number one priority. However, getting the opportunity to enjoy it with low payments as well as better mortgage terms is very important as well. Through our many years of experience and dealing with many lenders and mortgage brokers in and around the College Station real estate market, we help people get the best financing possible.

The Normal Mortgage For Working Families

Well, just because a person is not receiving something special in their income stream, but getting a paycheck every week, it does not mean that there will be any difference in the mortgages or lending needs. The fact is that mortgage brokers and lenders prefer to work within their procedures and requirements. The terms may be friendly or not friendly to you, but it generally depends on the salary and wages earned. However, though our experience, we know the best mortgage and lenders for you who will treat you right and give you the best terms. We will guide you to them.

The Self-Employed Borrower

From the time housing and mortgage crisis began back in 2007, it has become an exhausting task for business owners and self-employed persons to get a mortgage. Documentation of expenses and income is important and we are up to date with everything. We will point you in the right direction for a great source of mortgage for all self-employed people.

Less Than Stellar Credit

The fact of the matter is that all types of lenders have become tougher when it comes to giving out loans or mortgages. It is easy to lower credit today. Furthermore, it does not take a mistake or even late payment for this to happen. This is because today credit scores determine the amount you will receive.

The fact is that many people pay their bills on time but they still don’t have those high credit scores. We know lenders around the College Station, Wellborn, and Bryan real estate markets, who are ready to provide a good mortgage for less than high-end credit scores.

ARMs And When They Are Appropriate

Even though a majority of residential homebuyers wants to purchase a home that, they intend to occupy for several years. In America, the average duration a person lives in their home is eight years. Investors often look at shorter ownership period. Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) are better if the aim is to own a home for a maximum of seven years.

Because the lender is only giving out their money in a short period, they will offer it at a lower interest rate. The benefit of it all is that ARMs might result in hundreds of dollars every month in lower payments. Additionally, it will allow buyers to own a larger home of they desire.

This type of lending does come with its limitations as well. If the fixed rate of the ARMs period expires, the rates will increase more than you can expect, and faster than you might be prepared for.

Deal-To-Closing Considerations And Financial Disclosure

Ever since the housing and mortgage problems that began in 2007, lenders are inspecting financial, income and expense data much more closely than earlier. For this reason, make sure that you have all the documentation, and it should include any financial information that might affect your ability to get a mortgage. Even if the document has not been asked for. At the same time, be prepared to answer many questions and provide documents requested. A majority of mortgagees will have to conduct another credit check right before closing and they will look for any encumbrances and liens.

Asking Questions And Keeping An Eye On The Fees

The truth of the matter is there are several fees associated with applying for a mortgage. The highest fee you will pay is the closing cost. This is an aggregate of the loan origination and associated fees. So, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the fees, why they’re charged and how they are calculated. Ensure you have estimated the total amount needed of you. Keep in mind that this is your money and you are the customer.

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