We love to help Wellborn, Bryan and College Station real estate buyers with finding the ideal properties for them. What we love even more are the ways that we are able to assist them with purchasing at the very best terms and very best prices. Negotiations are not always just about price. An excellent contract may also involve other concessions from sellers that help to make the deal just right for our client buyers.

Real estate market data

How can you possibly be expected to make decisions on price offers in a complete vacuum? Here at Freedom Realty of Texas we spend a great deal of effort and time compiling market data in order to assist our buyers with their price negotiations. The data includes current listing prices for determining how competitive the market is as well as sold property prices at the neighborhood level.
It is very thorough data, and is referred to as Competitive (or Comparative) Market Analysis. This data has two parts to it, first there is comparing the property you are considering purchasing with similar properties within the nearby area that have recently sold. That gives us a very good idea of what has occurred within the recent past, but by nature this is historical data, so not always accurate for the market when you are in negotiating. Then we perform another CMA process on properties that are listed currently that are most similar to the one you are considering. These will be nearby or within the same neighborhood. This provides us with a snapshot of the current market so we can make adjustments to our valuation model as well as our offer so that it accurately reflects the current market.

Having thorough knowledge of your circumstances

It is only through constantly communicating with you that we can properly advise you with your pricing negotiations. It is through understanding your financial capabilities and motivations that we are able to assist you with crafting your price negotiation strategy that will have the highest chance to succeed.

Seller motivation research

Although determining why somebody is selling isn’t always legally possible, there are some things that we can discern from their price activity and listing that enable us to assist you with negotiation from a strong position.

It isn’t all about money

There are numerous ways that a real estate deal can be negotiated, and money is not always involved. Many times the seller is unable to work much with you on the price, but there are other concessions that can be made to help make it a good deal for you. We are here to help ensure that the best approach for your situation is taken.

It’s never over until it’s over

There are numerous price negotiations for a real estate property and they can involve lots of back-and-forth negotiating and multiple counter offers. We will be here with you on each counter offer and help you make the appropriate adjustments to your negotiation strategy. Since in many deals we don’t know what the financial limitations of the seller are, some buyers are overjoyed when they are able to get a low-price deal on a house, but then following the inspection they end up hitting a brick wall in their negotiations due to repair issues. The negotiation for buying a house isn’t complete with the contract price, and it is better going in knowing that getting a great deal on the front end might result in there being less flexibility once inspections have been made and repairs are being discussed.

The important thing to keep in mind is that Freedom Realty of Texas will be right there with all of our Wellborn, Bryan and College Station real estate buyers throughout the entire negotiation process with our experienced advice and all of the latest, most relevant information.

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