South College Station

Fast Growing, Upscale Living

South College Station is in a construction boom right now. As more upscale housing is being built, businesses are following close behind. Most of the construction is happening at, what is referred to, as “Tower Point” which happens to be where the main area water tower is. This is located at William Fitch and the Highway 6 bypass intersection.

With the rapid growth of Texas A&M University and the Research Valley Biomedical corridor, Bryan and College Station have seen a large growth phase in the last several years. With natural features like creeks and rivers limiting east and west growth of College Station, most new construction has been happening in South College Station. New, higher end housing developments have been complementing older, more well established areas of Pebble Creek and Castlegate.

South College Station is hard to differentiate from the main city of College Station when it comes to demographics. The neighborhoods and businesses blend in and merge in many areas. Most residents will tell you that Tower Point, centered around the water tower at William Fitch Parkway and Highway 6, is the main geographical area. You can find most all of the main city of College Station demographics on Wikipedia here:,_Texas

College Station has a rich home school and charter school network. The public school system in College Station is known state wide for its high level of academic achievements. You can explore all the public school information at the ISD main website here:

There is a literal plethora of denominations and churches in all of College Station. A search on Google will show you locations, times and church websites to choose from.

There is always something going on in Aggie Land. Whether it is college related or not. Visit this link to get an idea of activities and events happening in the local area:

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