Assessing Your Property

A service we offer that is very critical in the College Station, Bryan, and Wellborn real estate markets is helping our home sellers to look at their homes from a marketability standpoint. Being able to objectively appraise your homes value is important. Some agencies will just do a quick overview and put your homes information into pre-set boxes on the listing. At Freedom Realty of Texas, we will do a full, detailed analysis of your house. This will include the details of your homes distinguishing characteristics, features and the overall condition of your property. You can see more details on our complete Competitive Market Analysis page.

A Proper Home Appraisal

We will more than likely delay taking some pictures and video until we have scheduled with you to do a detailed walk-thru of your property. Every home buyer searching in your neighborhood will be looking at comparable properties and prices. How your house stacks up is vital to how quickly you will get offers and at what price range those offers come in at. We work with our sellers in many areas such as:

Interior characteristics and features

You can’t change the number of baths and bedrooms without some major renovations to compete in the marketplace, it’s still wise to objectively appraise them so we can come up with a reasonable listing price that will get your home sold quickly. A few things we can look at for upgrades, others we simply need to know how your house compares to other houses that potential buyers will be looking at.
Other characteristics/features:

  • Walls and flooring, paint condition, etc.
  • Depreciation and build date
  • Floor plan
  • Features in the kitchen
  • What sizes are the rooms
  • Windows, lighting, skylights

Exterior appraisal

The ‘curb appeal” is very important. When a potential buyer first arrives at your house, they will get that critical first impression that can make or break the sale from the very start. We help you to evaluate things like exterior paint, landscaping, and overall condition. This is an area where small investments can give you big results. It’s not uncommon for some buyersto leave without ever going in the front door if they get the wrong first impression.

Overall Household Condition

Minor fixes can also make a significant difference. Many home buyers assume that a need for repairs indicates a general lack of basic maintenance over the lifetime of the house. They will discount their offer, if they make one, thinking they’ll have a lot of work to do to bring the home into good condition. We will be honest with you about things that buyers will see and consider in their appraisal. From scratched up walls or doors to cracked window panes, we will let you know what is important and make appropriate suggestions to fit your budget.

Freedom Realty of Texas is here to ensure that your house comes on the market in the superior competitive spot possible. A detailed and objective appraisal is a vital step.

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