Marketing Of Your Home Property Online

Just for a moment, cut through any of the hype that you may have seen when it comes to internet marketing with College Station real estate. Each brokerage that is going to be worth its salt will have a website. Our website happens to be better than most when it comes to presenting seller listings to fully showcase them to the utmost potential. We are really good at SEO, which is the good stuff that we do to our website to get as high up in the search engine rankings as possible to get the highest level of traffic.

Hyping up SEO and site traffic is sort of ignoring the reality of the online world and any singular website’s visibility, unless you happen to be Google or Yahoo. There will not be a single real estate website that is going to enjoy much more than just a single digit percentage of the actual searches that are done by buyers that are looking to get local properties. That is because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of real estate websites that are fighting for searchers. However, these searchers are using half a dozen search engines and other resources to help them find real estate in our area.

The Power Of Syndication In Real Estate Marketing

Why do you need to know this? We would like you to learn about the power that syndication has and exactly why Freedom Realty of Texas puts significant time, effort and resources into syndicating your listing information to a number of real estate websites that are much larger and visited more heavily than any of the websites for local real estate. We have taken steps to put systems in place so that your listing ends up on dozens of websites like Trulia, Yahoo, Zillow and others, and within just days of your listing making it live.

Even though we are getting great exposure with search engines, we are not relying on it to be the only resource we use for selling your home via online marketing. Each of the websites that we will syndicate your listing with will have various links back to the complete and original listing on our website. It is there that we will shine in marketing your piece of College Station real estate property after we have attracted visitors that come from these other sites.

Professional Images and Video Help Sell Your Home

We will take an expert suite of images of your home that are full, professional quality. These are images that showcase the property, which can be critical to internet marketing. Surveys will prove that buyers are looking for high quality images over any of the other features that are found in real estate listings.

Virtual Tours Of Your Property

When appropriate, virtual tours are created for your property. There are some properties that are better off being marketed with still photographs, while others will have a slide show of stills. Some will even have videos, complete with voiceover. We will always work with you to come up with the best approach for marketing your property. Text descriptions that are professionally, written with thorough detailing will bring every facet of the space into the mind of your prospective buyers.

After a buyer makes their way to our website through one of these many conduits, we do not simply let them look and then leave. We will offer showings, including special information regarding the market as well as your property in exchange for contact information. If we are able to get into direct contact with them, it will increase the chances we have of selling your property to them.

Freedom Realty Of Texas gets a lot of listing business by way of referrals that come from satisfied sellers. So don’t wait! Let us help you get started today.

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